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Wu Yi Slimming Tea
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Natural Weightloss

Fat-burning chinese diet tea has been featured on the most popular food & health shows. Studies have shown that Wu long Tea burns over 150% more fat than green tea.

Wu Yi tea contains polyphenols, which encourage fat oxidation. This means that the tea contains compounds that encourage the body to burn more fat.

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Clinical Study

During a clinical trial of seventy-five obese people who had become obese due to over-eating and lack of exercise, echography sensors proved that the WuYi tea decreased the thickness of subcutaneous fat after only six weeks of use.

Members if the study also reported higher levels of energy compared to those that were offered a placebo.

We are so confident that WuYi Slimming Tea™ will help you achieve your weight loss goals that we want to offer you a free trial of our WuYi Tea!

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My diet has completely changed back to vegetarian and I have not had any desire for sweets for over a month. I lost 10 pounds (I was about 30 lbs.) and my appetite is back to normal. I feel great and have much more energy.
Sara Dietmainac
New York

After having my first child, I realized that regaining my figure would be a struggle. However, I did not want to induce my body to any chemicals. I choose WuYi Slimming Tea and lost 15 pounds without changing my diet.
Rebekka Nikon

Entering the workforce as an obese broadcaster is never easy. As much as we may ignore the bias towards obesity, it still exsist. I lost 30lbs with Wu Yi Slimming Tea and regular exercise. I was so happy with the results, I changed my career to personal training and now suggest it to all my clients.
Martha Looks
Los Angeles

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